Shadow puppet - Takashi's Seasons

“Takashi’s Seasons” is a sequential live shadow puppet / video performance in which various scenes interpreting the four seasons are performed by a modern Utsushi-e artist. In the spring children are seen walking back to school with their school bags (the academic year begins in April in Japan). The proud performance of cicadas can be heard on a hot summer evening. Dragonflies smoothly glide in the cool air of a fall afternoon. On New Year’s Eve the chimes of temple bells are heard in the freezing winter night.

A collaboration with Togo Kida and Yoshimasa Niwa


Selected Honors:

  • Ars Electronica 2006, Linz Austria
  • Sonar Festival 2008
  • SIGGRAPH 2007, San Diego
  • Japan Media Arts Festival 2007, Tokyo: Jury Recommended Work
  • ACM Multimedia 2006, Santa Barbara
Takashi’s vignettes were poetic, you guessed there was some technological witchcraft hidden there but couldn’t really put a finger on it.