Land Lines


Google Data Arts Team's project, in a collaboration with artist Zach Lieberman and Matt Felsen.

My role: Concept development, UI/UX design lead.

Satellite images provide a wealth of visual data from which we can visualize in interesting ways. "Land Lines" is an experiment that lets you explore Google Earth satellite imagery through gesture. “Draw” to find satellite images that match your every line; “Drag” to create an infinite line of connected rivers, highways and coastlines.

Draw mode.

Draw mode.

Drag mode

Drag mode

Using a combination of machine learning, optimized algorithms, and graphics card power, the experiment is able to run efficiently on your phone’s web browser without a need for backend servers.

Learn more about how the project was created in this technical case study or browse the open-source code on GitHub.

Selected Honors:

Virtual Art Sessions


Google Data Arts Team's project.

My role: UI/UX design.

Chrome Experiment that brings the experience of using Tilt Brush to the web. The experiment lets you observe from any angle six world-renowned artists as they create beautiful works of art in VR using Tilt Brush.

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