The King Has

The installation “The King Has…” offers individuals the opportunity to anonymously unburden themselves of secrets responsible for producing unnecessary stress. Through the public revealing of these secrets a larger discourse is facilitated about their content, and at a macro level, why the secrets were “secrets” in the first place.

A collaboration with Krister Olsson.


Selected exhibitions and Honors

  • 2006 :output 09, Bronze Award
  • Tokyo Type Directors Club Interactive Award Nominee
  • Keio University Digital Art Award, Grand Prize
  • Exhibited September 28-October 2, 2006 in Newcastle, Australia as part of the Electrofringe festival.
  • Exhibited April 3-26, 2006 at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo, Japan as part of Tokyo Type Directors Club 2006.
  • Exhibited November 6-11, 2005 at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore as part of * Presence/Absence, ACM Multimedia 2005.
  • Presented March 19, 2006 in Basel, Switzerland as part of the 25th Viper International Festival.
  • Presented and exhibited July 18-20, 2005 in Redmond, Washington as part of the Microsoft Faculty Summit.